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  • The Appeals Demonstration has been expanded to include Part A East providers”
  • Returning requested documentation is the key to a successful outcome.
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Reopening Process

As a component of the Telephone Discussion Demonstration, C2C is also conducting analysis on previously completed unfavorable reconsideration decisions dated on, or after, January 1, 2013. As a result of the analysis, C2C is working to identify potential appeals for reopening that can now be resolved favorably through the reopening process under this demonstration.

The universe of appeals which may be reopened by C2C under this demonstration may include cases that have been closed by the Qualified Independent Contractor (QIC) in the past 60 days and have not yet been appealed to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), as well as cases that have been appealed to the ALJ and are currently pending. As a reminder, if you intend to submit an appeal to the ALJ, it must be submitted within 60 days from the QIC decision date.

After the QIC receives the requested documentation, the QIC will review the materials received to confirm all requested documentation was submitted, and will determine if a reopening is warranted. The reopening shall only occur upon receipt of, and C2C’s verification of, the missing or otherwise relevant documentation that would yield a favorable decision. Participants will receive a letter notifying them if the case can or cannot be reopened after C2C has completed this review.

If the case or cases are currently pending at the ALJ, C2C will review the documentation received, and if it is determined that the claim can be resolved favorably through a QIC reopening under this demonstration, C2C will work with the ALJ to remand the case back to the QIC for processing of the reopening.

Additional details regarding the reopening process will be provided by C2C during the telephone discussion for claims that are selected for participating suppliers.

If a supplier has changed their mailing address since the Reconsideration was requested to and completed by the QIC, please email your new mailing address and a contact telephone number to

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