Update: Reopening Process

Reopening Documentation Request Letter Supplier Responses Requested

C2C is currently experiencing a significant delay in receiving responses to documentation request letters from DME suppliers who have participated in the Demonstration. This delay in receiving the requested documentation from DME suppliers is impeding the QIC’s efforts to resolve as many claims as possible from the appeals backlog. CMS is requesting that DME suppliers, who are interested in participating in the Demonstration, dedicate adequate resources in order to be responsive to requests for documentation received from C2C.

C2C has issued a follow-up Reopening Documentation Request letter requesting the necessary documentation from suppliers who have previously received, but not yet responded to, a request for documentation in support of a reopening under the Demonstration. Please review and respond to C2C in accordance with the guidelines provided in the Reopening Document Request letter.

If C2C does not receive a response from you in the timeframe requested, we will be unable to further consider the appeal(s) for reopening under this Demonstration and your appeal(s) s will maintain its current placement with the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA).

If you decide not to proceed with your appeal at the OMHA, C2C can assist with withdrawing your request. Please fax C2C, on your company letterhead- including the appeal numbers, your request to withdrawal the appeal from the OMHA at (904) 224-2711.

Should you have any questions, please call (904) 224-7349.